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Administrator2: Hey Faith! We'll get started in just a moment, but feel free to submit your questions/comments for the K brothers in the meantime!

Elle: hey Faith!

FAITH: How's everyone doing? My, projected record on this 3 game trip?

Elle: 2-1, what are the odds Sasha will see some playing time?

Andrew Kamenetzky: I'd like to think 2-1. I'd be happy with taking the first two, and whatever happens against Boston, so be it. A win would be gravy. But I do think 2-1 is more than realistic.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Not a given, but realistic.

Elle: I already miss Kwame, how long is he out for?

FAITH: Come on AK, you don't think our bench can take down the mighty (overrated) Celtics?

FAITH: I think Kobe MVP will reign once more lol

Elle: Faith that was crazy, I sat there thinking are they really saying that?

Andrew Kamenetzky: Elle, he's projected anywhere from 2-4 weeks. And not to be a "Cynical Cyrus" (a phrase I plan on immediately copywriting, so hands off, people!!! haha), but Kwame has a propensity for slow healing. I'd count on closer to a month (or more) than 2 weeks.

Showtime: Has Javaris been activated for tonights game?

xodus: Celtics overrated? The most you can say right now is we don't know how they'll fare against the west's best.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Showtime, the active list doesn't come out until an hour before the tip, so no clue about the Critter's activity (or lack thereof).

Ponch: Now that Kwame is hurt, can they still move his contract at the deadline?

xodus: Kwame should be back before the deadline

xodus: and even if he's not, any team dealing for him would want him for cap relief, probably not his play

Andrew Kamenetzky: Ponch, if it's a trade deadline deal, one the other team makes for his contract, his health won't really matter. It could make Kwame harder to trade now, since nobody wants to pick up an extra body this early in the season who can't play. But by mid-February, it won't matter.

Elle: who would want him tho, other than Mike T

Elle: I want to see coby karl get some time, will Phil give hima chance?

Andrew Kamenetzky: Elle - I wouldn't bust out your Karl jersey just quite yet. haha

FAITH: What's up with Kobe AK...he's not as he is. I mean outside of the fourth quarter.

Elle: omg who told you about my jersey?

FAITH: Elle,

Andrew Kamenetzky: Faith, not sure I understand the Q.

FAITH: is it injury? Is it pressing? Is he not playing "kobe like" in the early part of the game, coz he doesn't have the ball as much (though he does) or is it coz he's focusing more on D.

Lenny: @ Faith....I actually think it's good he's going off....the other kids r having to do just a lil bit more which is good for their confidence.....wat do you think?

FAITH: I don't think he's been less aggressive per say

xodus: i think she's asking what's wrong with Kobe

Lenny: not going off sorry!

xodus: I just think his jumper has been off

FAITH: either way I think the bench mob was going to come to play

FAITH: esp Farmar and Vlad

Brian Kamenetzky: Hi. I'm here now. Sorry for the delay.

Brian Kamenetzky: Hi everyone.

xodus: don't worry you're fashionably late, BK

Lenny: also other teams have to worry about our bench too, and the more adjustments they have to make the better!

Brian Kamenetzky: Fashionably something, at least.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Faith, I actually love the way Kobe's playing right now. He's keeping guys involved while still maintaining his production. And he's rebounding the hell out of the ball. Granted, he's had a few off shooting games, but he's also shot very well in a couple others, too.

Andrew Kamenetzky: And honestly, I think it's hard to say that anybody averaging 26ppg isn't "being aggressive," you know what I mean.

xodus: I think Kobe needs to work on his catch and shoot, because I do think he's more comfortable shooting off the dribble

FAITH: I didn't say it per say...others have

Elle: Who should we name "bench mob"captain

Brian Kamenetzky: xodus- He's pretty comfortable with that, I think. He doesn't quite get as many opps with that as off the dribble, but I have a feeling he's worked on it (haha).

FAITH: I think he's got a legit chance at the DPY though

FAITH: no one can say he hasn't been aggressive defensively.

Brian Kamenetzky: Elle- Why not Cobe Karl?

Andrew Kamenetzky: Well, Faith, those "others" are spewing crazy talk. haha

FAITH: AK, it's their job lol, jk

Lenny: You could say Farmar coz he's credited with the energy burst but I'd say Bynum to boost his confidence and make him work even harder.....@ Elle

xodus: Faith, yeah I'm definitely rooting for Kobe for DPOY. Though Garnett's going to have something to say about that

Elle: I like the Coby idea

FAITH: Xodus, the name KG does not exist in my vocabulary. Now that he's playing for the creepy green

Ponch: How soon before Brian Cook throws another warm up jersey at Phil? I say before the Holidays are over...

xodus: Well really, I'm hoping for a Kobe MVP and DPOY, but I don't want to be greedy

xodus: lol Faith

Andrew Kamenetzky: I vote Vlad for Bench Mob Captain, if only because I think him attepting to give a fired up speech would be hysterically funny.

FAITH: There's a question. Did you guys ask PJ what's up with starting Cook? Is he into the good stuff again?

Elle: by march Ponch

Brian Kamenetzky: Faith- It's no real reflection on much of anything on Cook's end, good or bad. I think people miss the point...

Elle: I really like Cookie but sometime (see most times) he just looks so lost out there and he runs funny

Brian Kamenetzky: ...It's not that Cook is necessarily better, but a) it allows the second unit to stay together, b) he's with the starters who are better defenders...

Lenny: ha ha...Xodus......I think we only need Cook to stretch the defense, and if he's hand is cold then sorry to say he's useless.....Did they use him against the Spurs??

FAITH: maybe I have. But come on Vlad was/is shooting 50% on his threes, and yeah let's start Cookie

xodus: yeah, I think PJ just wants to keep the bench mob intact and it allows LO to play the 3

Brian Kamenetzky: ...and c) he's still only playing 15 minutes a night. So really, does it matter if he starts?

Brian Kamenetzky: The concept of who starts is totally overrated.

FAITH: What about Mo then? Let's move Kobe to the 3.

Andrew Kamenetzky: People often forget, starting is often a matter of pure pragmatic matters, not "merit." It's an overrated concept. The minutes are a much bigger thing. If Cook starts, but only plays 15 mpg, who really cares, you know? Someone else is getting majority of run.

Brian Kamenetzky: And Cook, especially in the game on Friday, played a nice first quarter. I realize he's become the Smush of this season, but as long as he's limited to what he's supposed to be doing, he's fine.

FAITH: I think it does coz he's taking away Sasha's minutes lol, jk

FAITH: I'm not saying it didn't work...he is after all the zen MASTER...maybe it will even get Cook going on or off the bench

CLeon: Is Turiaf gonna play tonight? How many times did he play the 5 in the NBA?

Andrew Kamenetzky: Faith, is it really worth moving Mo away from that bench that's working so well together just to keep Cook (who's not really helping or hurting) on the bench?

Elle: Cookie is no where near as bad as Smush **shudders ewwwww Smush**

Andrew Kamenetzky: Plus, if you started playing MO true starter's minutes, you're gonna see some more shortcomings in his game.

FAITH: Haha AK, isn't that the deal with most players though?

Brian Kamenetzky: CLeon- My guess is that he will play, and Turiaf played some five last season.

Elle: is Mo still playing hurt? And is it just me or does he look more like Sam Cassell every night?

FAITH: That's why in my opinion PJ shuffles the lineup so much

Andrew Kamenetzky: Most guys who are role players, sure.

FAITH: I really don't see Mo as part of the bench mob per fact I think our bench would play better if you put Mo in the starting, and Crit into the bench mob

Lenny: Gotta go...meeting in two! Love the lakers, love you guys....Bless.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Faith, you are hitting on a very true notion, though. Anybody who says there's an "obvious" way Phil should be playing this roster/rotation is fooling themselves. He's got Kobe and LO, plus 10 other role players of varying talent, more than half of whom wouldn't start for at least half of the other teams in the league. There's no real "right" way to do this.

Brian Kamenetzky: Mo and Critt don't play the same position, Faith. You can't really draw it up as a straight sub like that.

xodus: Do you guys see Chris Mihm starting tonight. I have a hunch he will for the same reason Cookie was starting last week.

Brian Kamenetzky: Xodus-

Brian Kamenetzky: Yes, I think he will.

Brian Kamenetzky: Bynum's minutes will go up, but I don't think he'll start many games.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Xodus, I'm betting Mihm starts tonight, too.

FAITH: Mo can play the 2 right? I've seen PJ put Farmar at the 1, Crit at the 2.

xodus: AK, so are you saying that some of Mike T's "analysis" may be a bit over the top?

Brian Kamenetzky: No comment.

Elle: andrew do they have a Karl jersey?


Andrew Kamenetzky: Xodus... Um... er... wow, look at the time. haha

FAITH: How's Chris' health and timing?

xodus: haha

Brian Kamenetzky: Faith- It varies by the possession. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

yoyo: if farmer continues to play well, do u think he may move to a starting role as the season ends?

FAITH: In his opinion is it his health that's making him play better at the 2nd half versus the 1st? It's like he's warmed up finally or something

FAITH: Or you guys' lol

Brian Kamenetzky: Faith- It could be that, it could be just getting into the flow. You have to remember, he hasn't played a lot of basketball over the last 18 months. It's hard to step onto an NBA court and kick ass.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Yoyo - No, I don't think Farmar will start (unless Phil wants the first unit to pick up the tempo or penetrate more). But I do think he'll start getting the same minutes as Fish (or more) as the season progresses and will find himself on the floor at the end of games. Same with Bynum and Kwame.

grendo99: Question: What if Phil and Kobe orchestrated the whole thing over the summer? Knowing that Kobe could nix any trade, and knowing that it would make the other gorup bond together. The Lakers biggest problem last year was the "others" dependance on Kobe. This year, they really aren't because they have the attitude of "you don't want to play with us, fine, we'll play together". This seems like a classic zenmaster move... And it's working

Brian Kamenetzky: Grendo- Not a chance. You're thinking too hard.

xodus: grendo99, than I'd say that's the worst way of doing it

FAITH: Grenndo99 I don't think Kobe is that good of an actor

yoyo: grendo99--- nice conspiracy theory.. haha

xodus: throwing a team barbecue would've been a better idea haha

Elle: but Grendo brings up a good point

Andrew Kamenetzky: I honestly don't think Bynum will start this season unless absolutely necessary (if for no other reason than he plays perfect for the second unit and Kwame would be awful with them). But assuming he continues to outplay Kwame, he'll play the same or more minutes and find himself on the floor down the stretch.

Elle: a lot of htese players used to just stand around and wait for Kpbe to take over, it does not feel like that this year

Elle: *these

FAITH: How's his conditioning issue? It seems to me like PJ is just "putting it out there" to level the kid

xodus: elle, it was like that the first game of the season. Kobe's the one that made the change not them.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Faith, no I think Bynum's conditioning is an issue, and Phil's trying to keep Bynum fresh for the entire season and avoid any wall. But even acknowledging that, he's getting some good PT and he's a perfect fit for the bench mob. And reversing things would hurt the second unit more than it would help the first, in my opinion.

yoyo: yup.. i like Bynum coming off the bench too

grendo99: I just hope they can keep it up. I mean when was the last time that Kobe scored under 20 in two game sin a row and the lakers won? It's a good sign of the future at least

yoyo: whats fisher's shooting % at right now... aside from that great game against phoenix, he's been kinda quiet?

grendo99: and won big...

Brian Kamenetzky: He'll finish plenty of games, I'm sure. But Kwame's injury shouldn't fundamentally change their strategy for alotting his minutes.

FAITH: He should get more though

Andrew Kamenetzky: Faith, if you're talking Bynum, he will start getting more, especially if his play stays as is.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Patience. It's a long season. haha

xodus: Is there any way Bynum and Farmar aren't starting next season. If they continue their upward progression, I don't see how they couldn't

xodus: i'd like to bring some of that youthful energy to the starting lineup next year.

CLeon: Is there a risk of Farmar and Bynum hitting that wall again?

FAITH: lol, that's what worries me lol.

Elle: youthful? Famar and Bynum are like ten!

Andrew Kamenetzky: Xodus - They're both starting next season. No worries.

FAITH: What's your opinion on LO making the all-star game? He hasn't exactly shown all-star game aside from that 25 pt effort

xodus: I think the bench mob's success has kept LO's lack of consistency from being an issue.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Faith. He just got back on the court. Again, patience, mi amiga. If he doesn't make the All-Star team, but puts together a good season, it don't really matter (outside of the amount of time and energy he spent maintaining his head. haha).

FAITH: lol Xodus, talk about your 3rd option on offense=a whole bench

xodus: i think I'm finally coming to terms with LO. I've passed the denial stage and have reached acceptance with him *sight* lol

FAITH: lol

xodus: lol faith

yoyo: do u guys have access to laker "practices"??? how's crit looking in practice games? i really liked his game from the pre-season.. he may not show it buy im sure he's feeling a bit insecure since farmar's playing so well

Elle: faith have you been watching FSN after the games?

FAITH: yes, why?

Elle: how do you like the locker room interviews?

FAITH: Crit will be all-right. He's a gamer

FAITH: I like them talking to Farmar and Socks all the time, wish they would talk to Kobe too though

Andrew Kamenetzky: Yoyo, we unfortunately get to see the tail end of practices, so it's hard for me to truly say how good he's truly looked in practice, having only seen bits and pieces. But I've heard them say nothing but good things about him. There's no real reason for him to be getting into games right now, so I wouldn't read into anything.

xodus: Have u guys been watching JO this year? I'd still like to get him in a deal, but he's putting up numbers below his career averages. What's up with him?

xodus: I guess I'll find out tonight. I've got league pass now, but I haven't caught a Pacer game yet.

Elle: Xodus is league pass great or what?

FAITH: talk about torture Xodus lol. Actually I think JO is disappointed he didn't get traded

Brian Kamenetzky: League pass rocks.

xodus: League Pass may be the man's single greatest invention.

Elle: My mom got it for me as a birthday gift,and for my sisters bday we have a cake that features bynum

showved: Any way they could trade for JO without giving up Lamar and Bynum. Packaging Kwame's contract with Crittenton, maybe Cook, Walton and first round picks.

Brian Kamenetzky: jumping out of it?

xodus: lol faith, maybe wearing purple and gold would cheer him up.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Yeah, I'm a big Lwague Pass fan meself.

mackaydean: JO isn't healthy yet. Give him till mid season

yoyo: yup.. league pass and boxing is all i need on my satellite channels

FAITH: Speaking of cake...did you guys think when Bynum was blowing his, he's all jumpy and scared sorrounded by the Laker girls? Oh youth

Brian Kamenetzky: showved- probably not

Elle: nope just a picture of bynum and purple and gold flowers all around it

xodus: yeah I'm hoping JO is pulling a Randy Moss, and we can get him for the NBA equivalent of fifty cents and twinky

FAITH: def Xodus. You might start hearing him chant Kobe MVP as well lol

Brian Kamenetzky: Elle- I have to admit, I'm not sure what to think about that. Is it a picture, or some sort of frosted reconstruction?

Elle: picture and it cost me $150.00

Brian Kamenetzky: Xodus- Randy Moss. Got him in the sixth round of my draft this year. Braylon Edwards in the seventh. How's that for using your middle rounds wisely?

Brian Kamenetzky: Elle- Hope it tasted good. That's a lot of scratch for a cake.

Showtime: I do not think that any of the Former Celtics that are now GM's will help the lakers. There is way that is going to happen and everyone knows that.

Brian Kamenetzky: BTW, someone want to jump on the chance to make a Kwame joke there?

Andrew Kamenetzky: hey all, I gotta jet out a few minutes early. Flying back to STL for the holidays a day before BK. But happy holidays to all. Let's hope we can be thankful for a positive roadie!

Andrew Kamenetzky: Later everyone!

xodus: BK, there's no way you're losing in fantasy with picks like that, right?

FAITH: I thought about it, but since I like Kwame, decided not to

Elle: we spent her bday in the hospital last year along with Thanksgiving, we earned the right to have fun and blow money this year

yoyo: take care

FAITH: Happy Thanksgiving AK!

Elle: bye AK

Showtime: bye ak

xodus: bye AK

Brian Kamenetzky: Well.... I am in first place, but my early rounds didn't go as well. LJ (ineffective, now hurt), and Brees as my QB. Just traded him to land Portis in case Johnson doesn't come back.

FAITH: Did you guys hear about Kidd?

xodus: yeah Bress killed my fantasy team this year too

brit: BK, look in your purple and gold crystal ball and tell me what Bynum's going to be like in two years

xodus: yeah Faith, I don't think we'll be able to nab him tho

Brian Kamenetzky: You, me, and a lot of people. I managed to trade for Favre, though, so I'm okay.

FAITH: I say he goes Randy Moss too and we steal him under the Nets lol

Brian Kamenetzky: Brit- I think he'll be an upper shelf center,relative to the rest of the league (there aren't that many good ones). Relative to great centers in history, it's hard to say. But the kid does have a chance to be an all star.

Elle: how old is Kidd?

Brian Kamenetzky: I've always said any trade talk with Bynum has to be done with the idea that he'd be a quality player.

xodus: I think he'll be another Brad Daugherty. I'll take that as long as he doesn't become a Nascar talking head too lol

xodus: 35 I believe

Brian Kamenetzky: Elle- 34, I believe.

Elle: that is old

FAITH: Still a trip double threat

FAITH: think of all the things he can teach the Farm

Elle: Fish is going to be great for Jordan tho

xodus: yeah I'd take him if we didn't have to offer Bynum in the deal

naz_21: what time does this chat end?

FAITH: He already is imo..but Kidd is something else

Elle: and also can we please teach ppl that his name is FARMAR not FARMER?

Brian Kamenetzky: Kidd plays at a very high level, still, when he's healthy. And since he's a low-to-the ground type, he probably won't fade as fast. And since he can't shoot anyway, there's no need to worry about that going, either (haha).

FAITH: lest it becomes another GP type thing ew lol

Administrator2: Naz, whenever BK has to go!

xodus: I don't think they'd accept a deal of Kwame, Critt and filler does anyone else?

yoyo: has payton officialy retired yet?

xodus: not when they just re-upped Carter

Brian Kamenetzky: Just opened a fortune cookie, and it gave me a nice little compliment. Am I the only one who doesn't like that? I want my fortune to be a window into the future, not some boost to my self-esteem.

Elle: does it bother anyone that Jordan tiny as he is can dunk and yet Kwame has a hard time doing so?

FAITH: Hey it's the East. With Kwame, Critt and filler they can win the eastern conference haha

naz_21: If Farmar keeps raising his stock at the rate he is going, he will be very valuable trade bait

FAITH: yes, I like things to complement me always

Brian Kamenetzky: They're not called "Compliment cookies."

FAITH: lol

Elle: Brian I say you sue

xodus: How pissed off would Mike T be if we gave up Kwame in a J-Kidd deal, his head would explode LOL

xodus: i agree BK, it's a rip-off

FAITH: Since I like Kwame, I'd be sad too, but then I'll just open a "compliment cookie" and get over it

xodus: i wanna know the future, not boost my self-esteem haha

Elle: class action law suit everyone

Brian Kamenetzky: I once got one that said "You may find success in the field of medical research." Oddly specific, yet very non-commital at the same time.

xodus: LOL

Brian Kamenetzky: Sorry. Anyone have any bball q's?

showved: Any chance Jerry West will come back to the Lakers?

brit: Kobe got one that said, "Change your mind often, and don't be afraid to speak out."

Brian Kamenetzky: showved- I don't think so, but certainly not in any capacity that would appear to damage Mitch's standing.

xodus: what would you offer in a deal for JO? And would Bird accept it or just take back a Kendrick Perkins pu pu platter from Danny Ainge?

FAITH: Do you believe their "legacies" have anything to do with them not trading with us?

Brian Kamenetzky: xodus- I didn't like the LO/Bynum deal, b/c I didn't think it improved the Lakers to do that two-for-one. And the way he's playing right now, is it worth offering a lot to bring him in?

A Mad Chinaman: Is Jerry West still under contract at Memphis?

Brian Kamenetzky: mad- No, I don't believe so.

naz_21: Would Bird take Farmar BK?

naz_21: Farmar is a total upgrade over Jamaal TInsley

Elle: Anyone going to the Xmas game?


naz_21: CAN'T SAY NO

Elle: on a random note, did you guys know theres a monopoly game Laker edition?

FAITH: no way!

FAITH: Christmas present!


A Mad Chinaman: In regards to Jerry West, I thought that I heard from "Money" or somebody else on radio (maybe Mychal, Steve Hartman, etc.) said something about that they would have to pay money to Memphis if he returned to the Lakers in any capacity? Maybe I misheard something?

Elle: yes there is, it's on my list of Xmas gifts

Brian Kamenetzky: Naz- How does giving all that up for JO make them better? Rush is useless.

Brian Kamenetzky: Mad- Could be. A lot of these contract get complicated. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure.

Elle: Faith it's only 35.00!

brit: BK, you guys travel to the away games?

llakers: Who do you think are useless on the current lakers roster?


FAITH: Elle, I'm a college student 35 bucks for food, or Laker board game lol

A Mad Chinaman: Thanks


FAITH: BK, answer to my question pretty please :-)

Brian Kamenetzky: Brit- We've been to a couple this year, and will probably go to another few down the road. I'll be in NYC anyway for the game in December, so I'll be there for that.

Brian Kamenetzky: Faith- If things get bad, you can always eat the board game. What question are you asking?


Elle: Faith I'd get it for you just because you are such a die hard fan,

FAITH: haha. Do you believe their "legacies" have anything to do with them (former celts gm) not trading with us?

FAITH: aw that's sweet of you Elle

Brian Kamenetzky: Faith- It could, but I really do think Minnesota wanted him out of the conference, and wanted more youth and picks than the Lakers could provide. Smart move? Not sure. But they got the centerpiece in Al Jefferson, who is a beast. Beyond that, it's hard to say they got much other than cap relief and some picks.

brit: Cool. I was wondering how other towns react to the idea of Kobe being trade bait nowadays. Are other team fans vocal about trying to get him?

Brian Kamenetzky: But nobody goes out of their way to help the Lakers, that's for sure.

Brian Kamenetzky: brit- Some. Depends on the city. But Kobe gets a lot of cheers no matter where he goes.

A Mad Chinaman: I enjoyed T.J's recent article on how accurate Kobe's "mouthpice" (Ric Buehler) has been - LOL?!?!?! Amazingly, T.J. could be more "on-point" than Kobe's "mouth-piece?"

FAITH: brit, Chi-town is for sure

Brian Kamenetzky: Boos, too, but lots of cheers. Either way, the guy sells out buildings.

Elle: Do any of you think he still wants to leave?

Brian Kamenetzky: I do.

brit: oh yeah Faith? Kobe in red. Wow. Now I know how Utah felt when Malone went purple and gold.

FAITH: I don't

Elle: lately he's lloked umm happy

A Mad Chinaman: This question has probably been asked before I entered the chat, but how long will Kwame be out - 12 weeks, indefinitely, etc.?!?!

naz_21: Kobe wants to leave because he doesn't have his superstar

FAITH: they don't know for sure chinaman

naz_21: (and yes L.O is not a superstar)

Brian Kamenetzky: I think he likes his teammates and likes his coach, but still has a problem with management. Kobe has a very long memory. If he wanted to stay, he'd say "I want to stay. Don't trade me."

naz_21: (let alone an all-star)

yoyo: i just can't see a "fair" trade out there.. even next year.. if kobe goes, we are taking the whole "other" team

brit: I really think Kobe just has too much baggage with the Lakers now to be happy here.

Administrator2: Hey China, you'll be able to read a full transcript of what you missed later this afternoon -- it'll be posted at

Brian Kamenetzky: The only way Kobe's opt out has teeth is if he says he'll go somewhere for less money. A mid-level or something. otherwise, it stil takes a sign and trade to make it happen and get him max money.

A Mad Chinaman: Why do you feel that Kobe still wants to leave since it is starting to appear that the Lakers (amazingly) have budding "stars" with Farmar, Bynum and possibly Turiaff that would match many teams outside of Spurs/Mavs?

FAITH: he can't, he's still holding the FO hostage

FAITH: and really I can't blame him

Brian Kamenetzky: Mad- Because he hasn't said otherwise.

naz_21: Starting Lineup after the trade deadline: Mihm, JO, V-Rad, Kobe, Fish (take that BK)

yoyo: yup, and the front office has been quiet about it as of late

yoyo: naz_21- you're really sold on JO aren't you?

Brian Kamenetzky: Okay guys, I have to run as well. We'll have a thread up for the game tonight, so see you there.

Brian Kamenetzky: Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!

Elle: bye BK

yoyo: yahoo... lateer

brit: Later BK, cheers!

FAITH: Happy Thanksgiving to BK

naz_21: NO WAIT!!!


Elle: have a good afternnon everyone :)

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