Cubs' World Series trophy damaged after being passed around in crowd during a concert

Theo Epstein is considered a genius by many for being the one who constructed the rosters that helped the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs break their legendary World Series droughts.

But even geniuses can have a bad idea every now and then.

Epstein is president of baseball operations for the Cubs, who were in Boston over the weekend for a series against the Red Sox. On Saturday night, Epstein's foundation hosted a charity concert at Paradise Rock Club in Boston.

In a video posted to Instagram by the club, Epstein can be seen onstage jamming on guitar with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and encouraging the crowd to pass around the Commissioner’s Trophies awarded to the Red Sox for winning the 2004 World Series and Cubs for winning the championship in 2016.

Another video, also posted by the club, shows Epstein still onstage, apparently trying to get the crowd to send the trophies back up to the stage.

But the Boston Globe reports that “at least a few” of the 30 small, gold-plated flags on top of the Cubs’ trophy snapped off while being handled by what the newspaper describes as “drunken fans."

According to the report, the broken-off pieces were later found and reattached to the trophy.

So, you know, all’s well that ends well.

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