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Oates on Football

Longtime pro football writer Bob Oates shares his experienced commentary on the NFL.

  • In NFL, Passing Pays Off

    Part 1: Teams that Score First Win 60-80% of the Time. ... In the Race for the Lead, Passes Gain Up to Twice as Many Yards as Runs Per Play.

  • Why Patriots Win

    Why Colts Lose . . . What's the Matter with Pittsburgh? . . . The Eagles are Close . . . Can Longshots Crash the NFL's Big Four?

  • Brady the Banker

    Super Bowl Champions Coach Gifted but Flawed Low Draft Choices to Third NFL Title in Four Years.

  • Brady Powers Offense That Doesn't Quit

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — First to last, this was one of the closest and most entertaining of the many Super Bowls. During a long passing duel matching Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles, accompanied by a long defensive duel pairing two of the NFL's best...

  • Just Another Super Day

    McNabb Is Being Asked to Do Too Much

  • Air Power

    McNabb, Brady Pass Eagles, Patriots into Super Bowl . . . The Running Teams (Steelers, Falcons) Come Up Short As Usual.

  • Manning Beats Himself

    NFL Playoffs: Peyton Doesn't Pass Enough . . . Patriots, Eagles Still on Super Bowl Track . . . Big Ben Has Another Big Game.

  • Trojan Horse

    Carroll Isn't Up for NFL Head-Hunting . . . An Early-Round Playoff Look at the Colts, Patriots, Chargers, Vikings, Eagles and Rams.

  • The Top Five

    NFL Week 17: Five Good Teams . . . Five Great Players . . . Can Steelers Win in a Passing Era with a Running Team and a Rookie Quarterback?

  • Peyton vs. Big Ben

    NFL Week 16: A Running Team Heads for a Cold-Weather Title Game Against a Team That Can Throw 49 Touchdowns . . . Or, Maybe, the Patriots Will Be There.

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