Fan prematurely gets a Kentucky National Championship tattoo

The Kentucky men's basketball team is not predicted to win the 2014 National Championship, but super fan Tyler Austin Black doesn't believe the odds.

In fact, the 22-year-old machinist is so confident that his team will win that he got a tattoo on his right calf that says "Nati9nal Champions," the nine standing for Kentucky's ninth title. 

"I'm not delusional," Black told reporters, according to ESPN. "I know we've had a rough season. Big Blue Nation is down and the majority of people have no faith in us. But we have faith in ourselves."

Kentucky has a 22-9 overall record, 12-6 in SEC play, and is not in the top 25.

Yeah, well, um, so....what are you going to do if they lose?

"It's part of my story," Black said. "If we don't win, I'll remember it as the year so many thought we could do it and we didn't."



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