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Blake Griffin answers 10 random questions for the Players' Tribune

Clippers' superstar power forward Blake Griffin answered 10 random questions for the Players' Tribune.

Griffin is averaging 23.1 points, 7.7 rebounds and 4.4 assists this season for the Clippers, who are capping off an arduous stretch of four games in five nights over four different time zones against the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday.

Below is the question and answer segment from the website. Check it out for a glimpse inside Griffin's mind.


– The song I never want to hear again in an arena/ballpark/stadium is  01

– I am the best 02 on my team 03

– My biggest nightmare is 040506070809

10 is my favorite road city

– The most meaningless stat in my sport is 11

– My perfect sandwich would be 121314

15 is the greatest athlete on earth right now

– If my entire team participated in a Royal Rumble, the last man standing would be 161718

– The weirdest thing that an opposing fan has yelled at me was 19

20 is the best cartoon of all-time

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