Male Jets fan punches woman in face after Patriots game [Video]

So a male

New York Jets

fan punches a woman Sunday at

MetLife Stadium

. Obviously that's really bad.

But it turns out that may not be the worst thing the guy has ever done. Not even close.

The New York Daily News is reporting that the man caught in a now-viral video striking a female during an altercation is 38-year-old Kurt Paschke, who spent three years in state prison in the 1990s after being convicted of stabbing a fellow teenager during a fight in Long Island.

In an interview with the Daily News, Paschke's mother, Colleen, seemed to confirm that it is her son in the video from Sunday's Jets-New England Patriots game, saying Paschke was simply defending himself and his mother.

"He's the victim, really," she said of her son, who is a bartender and a Jets season-ticket holder.

She said that she and her son were leaving after the Jets' controversial 30-27 overtime victory when they were jumped by a group of Patriots fans. Police are investigating the incident.

"He was just hitting back to defend himself," she said. "It wasn't done deliberately. If you see the video, they just went wild."

Friends of Paschke described him as a "nice guy" who even posted an anti-bullying message on Facebook.


"He would never go after anybody if there wasn't a reason," Ward Roser said of his friend. "It looks like the girl went after him, not the other way around. He would never hit a lady."

Check out the video above. You can get a better view of the incident here, but be forewarned of explicit language.