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Jerry Jones: Retaining both Bryant, Murray 'doesn't look reasonable'

Cowboys owner says bringing back both DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant 'doesn't look reasonable'

DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant were two of the biggest reasons the Dallas Cowboys enjoyed a resurgence on the field this season.

But Cowboys owner/General Manager Jerry Jones sounded doubtful Thursday that the two men would be teammates in Dallas again next year.

“Is it possible? Yes,” Jones told the Cowboys' website. “But if you just look at it from the standpoint of dollars and cents, it probably doesn’t look reasonable.”

Murray and Bryant are due to become free agents this off-season, and both made the most of their contract years. Murray led the league in rushing with 1,845 yards in 392 attempts. His 13 touchdowns were also a career high.

Bryant had 88 catches for 1,320 yards and a career-high 16 touchdowns. It was the second time in three years he's caught for more than 1,300 and the third time in that span he's topped 1,200 yards.

They should each expect to get top dollar this winter, but Jones said that as much as he'd like to, he's just not sure he'll be able to give it to both of them.

“At the end of the day you do realize it’s going to be costly to have both those players,” he said.

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