Marshawn Lynch's agent: Biopic is 'terrible,' will never be released

You thought that Marshawn Lynch biopic trailer was bad? Just wait until you see the movie.

Oh, wait. If the Seattle Seahawks star running back has his way, you actually won't see it. Ever.

Lynch owns the rights to the film, called "Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story" and produced for just over $100,000 by his longtime, but now former, friend Mario Bobino.

"He did a terrible job," Lynch's agent, Doug Hendrickson, told Rolling Stone of Bobino, "and the film will never be released."

According to the 52-year-old Bobino, Lynch approached him to make the film and helped him secure a $100,000 investment to do so. When that ran out, Bobino used his own money to finish the movie.

Bobino released a four-minute trailer for the biopic online in February, which Rolling Stone says he did not have Lynch's permission to do. The trailer -- featuring actors and Lynch himself as the Skittles-loving, media-hating player -- was widely ridiculed and quickly pulled from YouTube.

Bobino said he is working on a script about making the Lynch biopic and the aftermath of his release of the trailer.

"My story is the truth, so people know what happened and what I had to deal with," he says. "If that movie had come out and it would have been successful, I would have gotten no credit. Now that it's considered a failure, everyone is pointing the finger at Mario Bobino."

Bobino added that he and Lynch no longer speak, although he hopes that will someday change.

"It will never be the same between us," he said. "I think the issue with me and him now is a trust issue. He doesn't trust me anymore, so that's why the movie isn't going to come out."


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