Peyton Manning 'Omaha!' bets: Will you take the over or under?

By now, we all know how much Denver quarterback Peyton Manning loves yelling the word "Omaha."

We still really don't know why he does it, just that the future Hall of Famer is sure to give the Nebraska city plenty of shout-outs from the line of scrimmage Sunday when the Broncos face the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.

But just how many times will we hear "Omaha!" barked out of our TV sets?

Well, Las Vegas sports books are taking bets on that, and they've set the over/under at 27 1/2.

Sounds like fun. But just in case you don't want to risk your family's financial well-being on how often a football player blurts out a particular word, you can place your bet here with no money involved at all.

A few tidbits to keep in mind: Manning shouted "Omaha!" more than 30 times during the AFC championship against New England and at least 40 times during the divisional round against San Diego. Plus, the quarterback's charity will receive $1,500 from the Omaha Chamber of Commerce every time he calls out their city's name.

On the other hand, maybe Manning and the Broncos will switch up their code words for strategic purposes or simply because they're sick of all the hype. Or maybe the circumstances that call for "Omaha!" -- whatever they may be -- just won't occur as often against the Seahawks.

Have fun!


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How many times will Peyton Manning yell 'Omaha!' during the Super Bowl?

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