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Redskins troll Eagles after Tim Tebow announcement, get plenty of blowback

Troll not lest ye be trolled, Redskins.

On Monday, Washington's NFL team tried to troll the Philadelphia Eagles after the team publicly announced Tim Tebow had just signed a contract with them.

Tebow is an outspoken Christian who has had quite a fan following since his college days as a Florida Gator. He has also been a quarterback on professional teams, including the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, but his beliefs and his inconsistent play on the pro level have made him an easy target for ridicule.

Minutes after the Eagles tweeted the Tebow news, the Redskins tweeted a picture seemingly in response.

The picture was of Kermit the Frog drinking tea. Known as the “But That’s None of My Business,” meme, the picture is used as a sarcastic or disrespectful way to show lack of interest in what someone else has said.

Some Washington fans and Tebow haters loved the post, but there was plenty of blowback from people who didn't. They replied, reminding the team of its poor performance in recent years and its controversial name.

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