Denver DC Wade Phillips mocks Carolina QB Cam Newton with 'Dab' tweet

Everything seems to be going Wade Phillips' way these days.

Fresh off of being named the NFL's defensive coordinator of the year, Phillips coached the Denver defense to a dominant performance over Carolina in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, resulting in a 24-10 victory for the Broncos.

To celebrate on Monday, the 68-year-old Phillips had a little fun at the expense of someone who doesn't have it quite as good at the moment.

Quoting an old slogan for Brylcreem in the first part of his tweet, Phillips was making reference to Carolina quarterback Cam Newton and his signature dance, which he had plenty of opportunity to perform during the Panthers' 15-1 regular season and dominant playoff run.

But Newton had little reason to dab on Sunday, when Phillips' defense stripped him of the ball twice, picked him off once and held him to 265 yards in the air and 45 yards on the ground. It really was quite a performance by the Denver D against the league's MVP.

Phillips probably should have proofread his tweet -- clearly he meant to say "A little Dab will do you ..." -- but then again, he's Wade Phillips and this is his time. If he wants to make up new definitions for words while rubbing salt in the wound of an opponent, who's going to stop him?

Probably not Broncos Coach Gary Kubiak, who didn't seem surprised at all by the tweet when a reporter read it to him on Monday.

“He gets carried away with that Twitter sometimes,” Kubiak said of Phillips.

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12:00 p.m.: Adds reference to old Brylcreem slogan.

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