As he investigates Trump's aides, special counsel's record shows surprising flaws
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Paperback Writers: An Archive of Past Reviews

  • Patrick White's cruel visionaries

    Patrick White's cruel visionaries

    The Australian Nobel laureate's characters in 'Voss' and 'The Vivisector' are obsessed with the harsh, brutal aspects of life.

  • Dreams of a dreamer

    Dreams of a dreamer

    In his latest book, "Flying Home," Eric Kraft adds to his previously published "Taking Off" and "On The Wing" to complete a trilogy about Peter Leroy.

  • New in paperback: Richard Yates, Denis Johnson, Charles Baxter and more

    Barry Day (ed): "The Letters of Noel Coward" (Vintage) "The human race is a let down. It thinks it's progressed but it hasn't. It thinks it's risen above the primeval slime but it hasn't -- it's still wallowing in it!," says Gilda in Noel Coward's 1930s play "Design for Living." Coward -- glittering,...

  • New in paperback

    Clear, impassioned, brilliant: Works by Ernesto Cardenal, Du Fu and Abraham Lincoln shimmer. Plus: Mysteries, dead philosophers and more.

  • Exquisite strangers

    Exquisite strangers

    In poetry debut collections by Matthew Dickman and Valzhyna Mort, we experience a ferocious awareness of the past and present.

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