Paperback Writers: An Archive of Past Reviews

Paperback writers: Classic Le Carré

Paperback writers: George Smiley gives a master class on gentle spycraft in a reissue of 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.'

Paperback Writers: Sunlight and shadow in 'Los Angeles in the 1930s'

Reissue of a Depression-era Federal Writers' Project opens a window on the city's colorful past.

Paperback writers: Two survivor stories

A reissue of Brooke Hayward's 'Haywire' offers a poignant memoir of her Hollywood parents; Nobel laureate Herta Müller's novel 'The Appointment' follows a woman on a bleak errand.

Paperback Writers: Between sea and sky

Paperback Writers: Time and change move subtly through the landscapes of Bruce Chatwin's novel 'On the Black Hill' and Erskine Childers' thriller 'The Riddle of the Sands.'

Paperback Writers: James Boswell's 'London Journal 1762-1763'; Michael J. Arlen's 'Exiles' [Updated]

James Boswell's 21st century-style, first-person account of life in 18th century England; a son's view of Armenian Dikran Kouyoumdjian, who wrote in 20th century London as Michael Arlen — until being driven out.

Paperback Writers: Deep into mysteries of Hammett and Hemingway

New books offer glimpses into earlier versions of "The Maltese Falcon" and "A Moveable Feast."

Paperback Writers: Vintage early Mantel

Hilary Mantel's novels 'Every Day Is Mother's Day' and 'Vacant Possession' show her formidable talent even as she's learning her craft.

Paperback Writers: Henry Miller's Grecian days

A reissue of "The Colossus of Maroussi" chronicles the American writer's travels around Greece with pal Lawrence Durrell in the grim days of World War II.

Paperback Writers: What made Dylan roar?

A reissue of Dylan Thomas' 'Collected Poems' offers an occasion to consider the poet's elemental voice and outrageous behavior.

Paperback Writers: Boston, down and dirty

Boston, down and dirty

Paperback Writers: Nightmare noir

Paperback Writers: Sillitoe's still running

Tuning back in to 'White Noise'

Welcome to Hecht's Windy City

The year's best paperback reissues

Paperback Writers: Slaughter and rubble

New in paperback: Huxley's demons and the grace of Hanif Kureishi

Paperback Writers: A view from the 'Heights'

'In Such Hard Times' by Red Pine/Bill Porter

Welcome to Banham's Los Angeles

Tricks with a knife

Duke Elric: A cross between Conan and Camus

Patrick White's cruel visionaries

Dreams of a dreamer

Exquisite strangers

'Humboldt's Gift' by Saul Bellow

A life runs backward

'The Mysteries of Pittsburgh' by Michael Chabon

The Truman show

Where's Weldon?

True New Yorker

Two timeless, Depression-era novels from Edward Anderson

His wit was hard-boiled

His own brand

The magical and the elemental, from Halldór Laxness

Unexpected affinities