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Paperback Writers: An Archive of Past Reviews

  • His wit was hard-boiled

    His wit was hard-boiled

    The anthology " ' Guys and Dolls' and Other Writings" gives us a fresh look at the classic writing of Damon Runyon. Also: New paperback releases by Saul Friedlander, Fred Vargas, Peter Schrag and more.

  • Dreams of an endless summer

    Dreams of an endless summer

    In 'The Summer Book' by Tove Jansson,a girl and grandmother look at life's mysteries on a tiny Finnish island. PLUS: Books by Etgar Keret, Ada Louise Huxtable and more.

  • No thanks, James

    No thanks, James

    Why James Joyce's "Ulysses" is a masterpiece, but for many it will remain an unread one; also: thrilling reissues of Edna O'Brien, Franz Kafka and more

  • His own brand

    His own brand

    Almost 50 years ago, in 1959, Philip Roth published "Goodbye, Columbus," a coming-of-age love story that was short, sharp, tender and pitch-perfect, and won the National Book Award. Few writers have launched a career so auspiciously. Roth, of course, went on to win pretty much every other literary...

  • Giving Angela Carter her due

    The fairy godmother of Salman Rushdie, Jeanette Winterson and many other writers leaves behind a legacy of bold storytelling at a paperback price

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