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Book review: "Zift: Socialist Noir" By Vladislav Todorov
Book review: 'Zift: Socialist Noir' By Vladislav Todorov

ZiftSocialist NoirBy Vladislav Todorov, translated from the Bulgarian by Joseph BenatovPaul Dry Books: 185 pp., $14.95 paperOf all the places to set a story of intrigue, Bulgaria has served as a choice exotic location for many writers, among them George Bernard Shaw ("Arms and the Man"), Eric Ambler ("Judgment on Deltchev") and Vladislav Todorov, a young Bulgarian writer who, in "Zift," has taken the recent history of his country and wrestled it into a compelling thriller about vague characters with questionable motives. This translation comes on the heels of the surprising success of a movie based on the book, which won plenty of accolades when it was released in 2008.The...