'Flood fighting is in our DNA': To live by the Feather River is to know its power and danger

Bill Shaikin

Letters: As bad as it gets for Lakers (they hope)

Letters: As bad as it gets for Lakers (they hope)

I hope Chick Hearn doesn't have cable in heaven.

John C. Borrego



How bad was it at Staples Center on Thursday night? It was so bad that that Justin Bieber pulled his pants up, so that he could make a quick getaway. It was so bad Magic Johnson ate more hot dogs than Joey Chestnut. It was so bad Jimmy Fallon wouldn't make jokes about it out of respect for the families.

Marty Foster

San Francisco


As a thoroughbred trainer, Jim Buss had a winning percentage around 9%. If somebody doesn't do something quick, he's going to repeat that achievement with the Lakers.

Carlo Fisco

Marina del...