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Book review: 'Karaoke Culture' by Dubravka Ugreši

Book review: 'Karaoke Culture' by Dubravka Ugreši

Karaoke Culture

Dubravka Ugresic

Open Letter: 324 pp., $15.95 paper

Dubravka Ugresic does not like karaoke. That doesn't stop her from trying it, just as her resistance to celebrity doesn't stop her from putting her head through a cutout on a Hollywood studio tour so that she can be photographed with Clark Gable. Ugresic, a game and inquisitive critic, looks at culture from all angles, which sometimes means picking up the mic .

Karaoke recycles rather than creates, she argues in "Karaoke Culture," the 100-page essay that lends its name to the title of her new collection. To Ugresic, karaoke is emblematic of our contemporary moment: She sees it as a...

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