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Before being freed, hacker Sabu was 'extraordinary' FBI informant

Before being freed, hacker Sabu was 'extraordinary' FBI informant

The news was astonishing: Rapper Tupac Shakur was alive and well in New Zealand. But the 2011 report was a hoax, and on Tuesday, one of the hackers behind it, Hector Xavier Monsegur, appeared in court to be sentenced for cyberattacks that stole credit card information, defaced government websites, rattled media companies and briefly brought Shakur back from the dead.

The hulking Monsegur, whose online moniker was Sabu, could have received more than 20 years in prison, but the hacker-turned-informant walked out of court a free man after being sentenced to time served: seven months. He pleaded guilty in August 2011 to 12 counts related to hacking, fraud and identity theft.


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