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Two Guys Lose Weight: Trash-talking Tootsie Rolls
Two Guys Lose Weight: Trash-talking Tootsie Rolls

NOTE: This is a blog about two guys attempting to lose weight over a six-week period. They kicked off their weight-loss "strategies" on Jan 10.I love some of the comments we’ve received so far during the “Two Guys Lose Weight” program Tony and I are on.LisaFlorida writes to Tony:  “Your diet is crap.  You should see a dietician.”Patroklos tells me:  “You sound like a horrible friend.”  She was alluding to when I sabotaged my friend who was trying to lose weight with two Super Burritos every day.RELATED:  Soul food is not sinful“Oatmeal is not a diet food,” AmyAlkon writes me.  (By the way I was reading this while eating my morning oatmeal.)Tony and I appreciate the comments.  ...