Allison Miller

'Always Woodstock' has its rom-com hits and misses

'Always Woodstock' has its rom-com hits and misses

"I feel like I'm trying too hard," says Catherine Brown (Allison Miller), the nascent singer-songwriter at the center of "Always Woodstock." The same could be said of the film's writer-director, Rita Merson, whose overly familiar coming-of-age piece works best when it simply calms down and gets real.

Catherine is a self-conscious twentysomething working at a soul-sucking Manhattan record label. In typical rom-com fashion, she loses her job and her cheating boyfriend (Jason Ritter) in one barrel-bottom day. Cue the reinvention plan! And the annoyingly endearing Catherine escapes upstate to that free-to-be-you-and-me nirvana, Woodstock.

Once there, she...

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