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'Obvious Child's' Jenny Slate ready to be in the lead
'Obvious Child's' Jenny Slate ready to be in the lead

"I'm definitely wearing a bikini top as a shirt," Jenny Slate said, looking down at her body as if she were observing it for the first time that day. She was. Overalls shorts too. She'd spent the night before drinking at the Sportsmen's Lodge, celebrating the completion of the first season of a new television show she's on, FX's "Married." Now it was Saturday and sunny, and she was sitting in her garden picking pieces of grapefruit out of a bowl with her fingers. Her hair was in a pile on her head. "It's cool," she said, pulling at her outfit. "I love showing off my boobs. I didn't get my period until I was 17. I waited my whole life to be a woman, so now my clothes are fairly tight. I...