Dick Cavett
CNN's 'The Sixties' is a familiar flashback
CNN's 'The Sixties' is a familiar flashback

Oh, the Sixties, the Sixties! Oh my lord, the Sixties. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Some of you kids are probably sick to death of hearing about them, "Mad Men" notwithstanding, but as decades go, it is a hard one to beat for violent social upheaval, radical cultural change and 21/2 -minute pop songs. And as long as there are folks alive who remember those famous days and years, you will hear about them again. The latest case in point is the clearly titled "The Sixties," a 10-part documentary series from producers Tom Hanks (who remembers them, though he will stand in history for later decades) and Gary Goetzman that begins Thursday on CNN. Two episodes were...