As he investigates Trump's aides, special counsel's record shows surprising flaws

Frank Miller

'Gotham' is Batman & Co. before they were Batman & Co.

'Gotham' is Batman & Co. before they were Batman & Co.

It's possibly a minority opinion in these comics-crazy days, but I find it something of a relief that there's no Batman in "Gotham," a well-assembled new series set in the future Dark Knight's hometown in the time before he put on the cape and the cowl. We have had a lot of screen Batmans over the last few decades, and frankly, and notwithstanding a change in actors, he's grown tiresome to me with his they'll-never-know-it's-me rasp, fancy hardware and death-serious demeanor.

Neither are there any villains sporting elaborate makeup, themed costumes or colorful noms-du-crime in "Gotham," which premieres Monday on Fox. We do, however, meet the younger selves of...

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