Geoffrey Rush

A 'Genius' Geoffrey Rush talks art, science and emojis

A 'Genius' Geoffrey Rush talks art, science and emojis

Geoffrey Rush is a man prone to tangents. As he speaks, each of his thoughts leads him to an adjoining thought. This means that, in the course of 30 minutes, the 65-year-old actor muses on everything from the vintage Apple billboards featuring John Lennon to the origins of emojis.

He’s in London to discuss his role as Albert Einstein in National Geographic Channel’s first scripted drama series “Genius,” which premieres Tuesday. But in chatting about the famed physicist, Rush finds his way back to emojis.

“I have great faith in emojis,” the Australian actor says, seated on a sofa in a hotel room overlooking Piccadilly Circus. “When I was doing ‘King Lear’ last year I wanted...