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Isabel Lucas

'The Loft': So bad it's ... just bad

'The Loft': So bad it's ... just bad

“The Loft” is an unpleasant, unsatisfying redo of the hit 2008 Belgian film “Loft,” which was also remade in the Netherlands in 2010.  

The story, about five male friends who secretly share a sleek city loft for their extramarital trysts until a dead blond turns up in the apartment’s very busy bed, certainly makes for a provocative log line. But this new iteration proves such a dour hodgepodge of bad behavior, bald-faced misogyny and ping-ponging alliances, it’s more alienating than alluring.

What these troubled co-tenants -- caddish architect Vincent (Karl Urban), high-minded shrink Chris (James Mardsen), wormy voyeur Luke (Wentworth Miller), hot-headed newlywed Philip...