John Ortiz
McNamara's Picks: 'Rake,' 'Sherlock,' 'Blacklist,' 'Fleming'
McNamara's Picks: 'Rake,' 'Sherlock,' 'Blacklist,' 'Fleming'

"Rake." Greg Kinnear stars as scapegrace defense attorney Keegan Deane … and that's pretty much all you need to know. Who doesn't love Greg Kinnear? In just about anything?  This role, based on an Australian show of the same name, seems particularly well-suited to his talents. "Key" is a man of perpetual optimism and very little self control. He never met a dollar, or drink, he didn't think he could double, counting on his fast-talk and winning smile to get him out of all sorts of trouble. Which they have, and haven't.  Though perhaps a trifle tamer than his Aussie counterpart, Key is still on the frayed edges of professional...