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Nonsensical 'Vigilante Diaries' goes gonzo

Nonsensical 'Vigilante Diaries' goes gonzo

Never accuse prolific B-movie impresario Christian Sesma of lacking ambition. In between cranking out feature-length horror and action films at a furious clip over the past few years, Sesma teamed with screenwriter-actor Paul Sloan to make the ultra-violent superhero Web series “Vigilante Diaries,” which has been expanded into a low-budget movie that aims to compete with the likes of “Pulp Fiction,” “Kick-Ass” and “Taken.”

Kevin Smith regular Jason Mewes stars as video-blogger Michael Hanover, who follows a gun-toting avenger who calls himself the Vigilante (played by Sloan). When the self-styled superhero takes down the wrong bad guy,...