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Andy Warhol's 3-D 'Statue of Liberty' sells for $43.8 million

Andy Warhol's 3-D 'Statue of Liberty' sells for $43.8 million

An Andy Warhol silkscreen depiction of the Statue of Liberty created in 1962 has sold for $43.8 million at a Christie's sale in New York. The sale was part of a larger Christie's contemporary art auction Wednesday that brought in a hefty $412.3 million.

"Statue of Liberty" features multiple tiled images of the famous statue, with each image sporting a 3-D effect. (The auction house marketed the catalogue with a pair of 3-D glasses, according to reports.) Christie's said the painting was sold from a private collection but did not reveal the owner. 

The sale price doesn't break any records for Warhol. The pop artist's "Eight Elvises" sold for a...