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Marsha Thomason

'White Collar' recap: Neal finds an old foe in the Pink Panthers

And just like that, Neal Caffrey’s (Matt Bomer) freedom might be in jeopardy, thanks to the arrival of friend-turned-foe Matthew Keller (Ross McCall) in the latest episode of USA Network's "White Collar."  We last saw Keller in Season 3, on his way to Russia with a 20-year prison sentence. Let’s not forget, he did kidnap Elizabeth Burke (Tiffani Thiessen) and almost kill FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay).  Caffrey learns that Keller is now an informant for Interpol, noticing a chip implanted in his former partner's left arm. Interpol, like the FBI with Caffrey, wants to dismantle the elusive crime syndicate known as the Pink Panthers,...