As he investigates Trump's aides, special counsel's record shows surprising flaws

Mo Gaffney

Review: 'Day Trader' at Bootleg Theater

Review: 'Day Trader' at Bootleg Theater

In “Day Trader” at Bootleg Theater, a wannabe screenwriter in midlife crisis concocts an elaborate scheme to circumvent his rich wife’s pre-nup without sacrificing his cushy lifestyle or rebounding libido.

Further plot description would entail spoilers, because Eric Rudnick’s intriguing albeit quirky dark comic spin on the eternal clash between integrity and ambition in Hollywood has more twists than a Carmageddon reroute.

Under Steven Williford’s direction, the execution, punctuated by drum riffs from Josh Imlay, is most impressive. Designer Stephen Gifford’s stylized set could be installed at MOCA, effectively conjoined with the fine work of Jared A. Sayeg (lighting), Ivan...

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