Babies (movie)

TV Picks: 'Happiness,' Poehler, Banksy, 'Missing,' Khrushchev

TV Picks: 'Happiness,' Poehler, Banksy, 'Missing,' Khrushchev

"Happiness" (PBS, Monday). I am, as a rule, a fan of the films that make up the PBS documentary series "Independent Lens," which tend to spend intimate quality time with the kinds of people TV usually ignores for being too far off, too foreign, too poor or too little schooled. But there is something especially moving to me about this film, an achingly beautiful pocket epic by French director Thomas Balmés ("Babies"). It focuses, closely, on Peyangki, a 9-year-old Buddhist monk in a dying lamasery in a remote mountain village in Bhutan. Nothing much happens. Peyangki is sent by his widowed mother to live with the monks, even though the monks have been...