Cinderella (fictional character)
If you just look, L.A. is full of artists
If you just look, L.A. is full of artists

This big, florid, cartoony face of mine is handsomer than handsome. Master barber Jose Rojas looks it over trying to determine an entry point to its magnificent terrain. Initially, there appears to be some termite damage near the right cheek, and he thinks maybe a meteor once landed near one of the eyebrows that the attending surgeon, using the latest car fender repair techniques, filled with Bondo. Other than that, the face is flawless. "Good genes," I say, reading his mind. The skin? An old trampoline. The nose? Pile of putty. Naturally, I want the very best for a mug like this. Which brings me to yet another shopping mall, this one the Americana in Glendale, saturated with...