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Free Samples (movie)

Review: 'Free Samples,' with a sour taste

Review: 'Free Samples,' with a sour taste

Today at the ice cream truck, a free sample of chocolate soft serve comes at a price: You have to deal with Jillian (Jess Weixler).

Hungover, bitter and thoroughly uninvested in the success of the company's promotional giveaway that gives "Free Samples" its title, Jillian is a law school dropout guilted into subbing in for her best friend, Nancy (Halley Feiffer), who is stuck at an intervention for her alcoholic brother. (Never mind that Jillian can probably drink him under the table.) As Jillian prays for escape, not that she has anything better to do, customers come hungry and leave angry. If they have a weakness, she'll exploit it — she even bribes a homeless woman to...

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