Scottish voters reject independence from Britain


Iron Man 3 (movie)
'Judge' a departure for David Dobkin, Robert Downey Jr.
'Judge' a departure for David Dobkin, Robert Downey Jr.

If you closed your eyes for only a moment or two, you would have bet money — maybe a lot of it — that Robert Downey Jr. was once again playing Tony Stark. The 49-year-old actor was in full-throttle "Iron Man" mode: riffing rapidly, almost cockily, in front of a dozen strangers. The topic was hardly momentous: what silly bumper stickers people slapped on their cars — "Wife and Dog Missing. Reward for Dog," read one. As he surveyed their adhesive slogans, Downey glibly chatted up the group as if he were a comedian warming up the house for a talk show. For all the verbal gymnastics, the audience members were hardly there for good times: They were the...