Julie Delpy

'Lolo' is a crass, lowbrow comedy

'Lolo' is a crass, lowbrow comedy

Julie Delpy's romantic comedy "Lolo" opens with promise: a colorful animated credit sequence backed by the peppy 1960s pop hit "Music to Watch Girls By." It's downhill from there.

Delpy, who directed and co-wrote (with Eugénie Grandval), plays Violette, a neurotic divorcée and Paris fashion-event producer who reluctantly begins dating sweet if slightly hapless computer programmer Jean-René (Dany Boon). However, the nascent couple are soon unknowingly sabotaged by Violette's spoiled, jealous 19-year-old son, Lolo (Vincent Lacoste), who's amassed more than a decade's worth of tricks to scare off his mom's suitors.