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Passion Play (movie)

Review: 'Passion Play' a religious-themed romp through history

Review: 'Passion Play' a religious-themed romp through history

Right at the start of Sarah Ruhl's "Passion Play," now at the Odyssey Theatre, a religious crisis of the kind Freud would have appreciated erupts.

The actress playing Mary in the town's religious pageant secretly has the hots for the young hunk playing Jesus. How can she be expected to act maternal — never mind holy — when he's strutting around so temptingly in a loin cloth that keeps slipping?

The frolicsome boldness of Ruhl's imagination is on cheeky display in this Odyssey Theatre Ensemble-Evidence Room co-production directed by Bart DeLorenzo. The work may be thematically unwieldy, dramatically unfocused and overly long, but the insouciant levity is...

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