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Simon Pegg
'Kill Me Three Times' a case of style over substance
'Kill Me Three Times' a case of style over substance

The neo-noir crime comedy "Kill Me Three Times" works overtime to seem unique and clever. The result, however, is a derivative, gimmicky, at times dizzying puzzle that fails to engage. The film, divided into three overlapping, nonlinear segments, follows a dubious group of folks connected by blackmail, murder, revenge and a sloppy life-insurance scam. This circle includes gambling-addicted dentist Nathan (Sullivan Stapleton); his edgy receptionist-spouse, Lucy (Teresa Palmer); Lucy's cruel, bar-owner brother, Jack (Callan Mulvey); Jack's two-timing wife, Alice (a miscast Alice Braga); her hunky lover, Dylan (Luke Hemsworth); and the corrupt local cop (Bryan Brown)...