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'Bachelor' recap: Goat's milk, tears with Sean in Montana

'Bachelor' recap: Goat's milk, tears with Sean in Montana

On Monday, the ladies of “The Bachelor” mansion embarked on “a worldwide journey to find love with Sean” -- one that began in … Montana.

Yeah, the remaining 11 women didn’t seem overjoyed when Chris Harrison told them their first stop on this little love tour would be Big Sky Country. But hey, they’ve been trapped in Agoura Hills for two weeks without TV or Internet, so they should take what they can get.

“It’s so exciting to smell the fresh air,” Selma said upon arrival at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake, hundreds of miles away from the lovely perfume-spray tan aroma of the famous mansh.

Lindsay -- a.k.a. the girl who showed up night one in a wedding dress and proceeded...

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