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Album review: Disclosure's endearingly exuberant 'Settle'

Album review: Disclosure's endearingly exuberant 'Settle'

There’s a moment near the end of the ’N Sync song “Up Against the Wall” -- it’s from the boy band’s 2001 swan song, “Celebrity,” if you don’t recall -- where one of the group’s members, suddenly overcome with his enthusiasm for the track’s sleekly propulsive groove, cries out, “Whoo! 2-step!”

It's not clear who utters the words, though my bet is JC Chasez, ’N Sync’s most committed club-music fan. (His adventurous 2004 solo set, “Schizophrenic,” includes a cut produced by Basement Jaxx.)

Whoever it is, he’s referring to the English dance variant known more fully as 2-step garage: a lush but nimble sound that after dominating London in the late 1990s briefly crossed over to...

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