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Neil LaBute

Redemption is short-lived in Neil LaBute's 'Break of Noon'

Redemption is short-lived in Neil LaBute's 'Break of Noon'

In the aftermath of a mass shooting, the sole survivor narrating Neil LaBute’s “The Break of Noon” at City Garage resolves to mend his selfish ways, attributing his escape to divine intervention.

Don’t expect miracles, though. While characteristically merciless in its skewering of social hypocrisy, this 2010 character study isn’t the sharpest knife in LaBute’s playwriting drawer. For one thing, the badly-behaved American male under the microscope this time out is even more generic than usual, albeit by design.

In an opening monologue recounting the lunchtime massacre of his co-workers by an unhinged ex-employee, an ordinary low-level...