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Olga Kurylenko
'November Man' script undercuts Pierce Brosnan's performance
'November Man' script undercuts Pierce Brosnan's performance

It's no secret that Bond movies aren't spy movies. They're good guy/bad guy adventures as unconcerned with ambiguity as fairy tales. Spies are untrustworthy oddballs by nature, so any espionage movie built on shifting allegiances, moral quandaries and dark trade craft that still wants to be coherent and entertaining has its work cut out for it. The new spy thriller "The November Man," based on a series of novels by Bill Granger, is this popcorn dilemma writ large and messy. On the one hand, it's familiar territory in these days of grizzled veterans pulled back in the game ("Taken," "Red," "The Expendables"). Former 007 Pierce...