Patrick Fischler

'The Pact 2' doesn't hold much promise

'The Pact 2' doesn't hold much promise

The 2012 horror film "The Pact" was a crisply made haunted house movie that benefited from its grab-bag approach: scares real and imagined, old-style creeps and trendy gore, eerie silences and noisy shocks.

That movie's survivor, Annie Barlow (Caity Lotz), who discovered she's the niece to the Judas Killer, returns for the more-of-the-same sequel "The Pact 2," but only after we're introduced to a newly terrorized heroine named June (an appealing Camilla Luddington). June is no pushover: She cleans crime scenes and draws violent graphic comics, and she has a protective cop boyfriend (Scott Michael Foster).

But some freaky murder dreams tied to a recent spate...

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