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Book review: 'The Reversal' by Michael Connelly
Book review: 'The Reversal' by Michael Connelly

The Reversal A Novel Michael Connelly Little, Brown: 394 pp., $27.99 Los Angeles has much to lament. Our Dodgers, victims of a broken marriage, are the neglected boys of summer. The Trojans are on probation, the Bruins are bad and the NFL has abandoned us entirely. City Hall's a morass, Hollywood an aging incompetent — building vacancies line the potholed streets, and there is little comfort to be found anywhere. Thank God for Michael Connelly. Without him, Los Angeles would just be Houston without humidity, Phoenix with the sea. "The Reversal," Connelly's new novel, might be his best: a crackling-good read, smart and emotionally satisfying. It manages to...