Paul Schneider

Flat. Stagnant. Well, 'Goodbye to All That'

Flat. Stagnant. Well, 'Goodbye to All That'

A charming supporting cast fails to invigorate "Goodbye to All That," a relentlessly flat seriocomic take on contemporary relationships marking the directorial debut of "Junebug" scribe Angus MacLachlan.

Although completely blindsided by his wife's (Melanie Lynskey) divorce proceedings, the soft-spoken but clueless Otto Wall (Paul Schneider) doesn't waste much time diving back into the dating pool, bedding a parade of true characters while attempting to bond with his young daughter, Edie (Audrey Scott).

There's nothing particularly wrong with that setup, provided that it's actually setting the stage for some sort, any sort, of upward momentum.