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'The Strain' recap: Kelly and the Feelers attack in 'Intruders'

'The Strain' recap: Kelly and the Feelers attack in 'Intruders'

Here’s a comparison you aren’t likely to find anywhere else, fans of “The Strain.” This week’s episode is just like Mary Poppins -- it’s practically perfect in every way. But, you know, twisted and violent instead of sunny and light.

In short, “Intruders” brings the heat. It features some of the best head-to-head showdowns of the entire series so far, gives us the pairings we all want -- Fet and Setrakian, Gus and Quinlan, Eichhorst and Palmer -- and moves, moves, moves.

There’s no time to even catch a breath as this hour clips along from the soccer mom makeover of Kelly Goodweather to the bidding war for the Occido Lumen to the beheading of Cardinal MacNamara (!).


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