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Review: 'Vehicle 19' delivers in its own right

Review: 'Vehicle 19' delivers in its own right

Six films into "The Fast and Furious," Vin Diesel, The Rock, Sung Kang, Ludacris and Tyrese have crowded Paul Walker out of his own franchise. With "Vehicle 19," Walker takes the wheel. Only now, it's on the wrong side of the dashboard.

The handsome but unassuming gearhead plays an American ex-con with so much bad luck that when he lands in left-lane oriented South Africa, the car company gives him the wrong rental — a screw-up that steers him straight into a deadly sex trafficking scandal starring the Johannesburg chief of police. Hit the brakes!

Writer-director Mukunda Michael Dewil's thriller is so car-centric that Walker never even steps out of the...

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