Billy (tv program)
Billy Mays dies at 50; boisterous TV pitchman

As elegies go, it wasn't W.H. Auden. But one had to imagine that Billy Mays, the booming TV infomercial pitchman, would have appreciated the YouTube comment that, despite its misspellings, merged a farewell with yet another testimonial for one of his many miracle products:"My Best Friend's house caught on fire the cloths were brown from the smoke, we soaked them overnight in [OxiClean] and they came out smelling fresh and clean," wrote the poster, jamiedeanb, one of dozens who offered their condolences on the site. "Rest In Peace MR. Mayes."Mays, 50, the emphatic and well-known hawker of the OxiClean stain remover, the Zorbeez super chamois, a sticky substance called Mighty Putty and...