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A thriller tightens its grip in 'The Calling'
A thriller tightens its grip in 'The Calling'

"The Calling" is an absorbing, solidly crafted procedural thriller with a terrific lead turn by Susan Sarandon as Hazel Micallef, a cranky, small-town police inspector who helps to unravel a series of serial killings. Although the 67-year-old actress may not initially seem the go-to choice to play a haunted, pills-and-alcohol-dependent cop who lives with her mom (Ellen Burstyn), Sarandon again proves she can make just about anything work on screen. ("Tammy," anyone?) When two murders occur — one in Hazel's snowy Canadian burg of Fort Dundas, the second in a neighboring town — Hazel, along with a fellow detective (Gil Bellows) and a newly transferred...