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'Daredevil' Episode 5 review: 'World on Fire' -- enemy of my enemy

'Daredevil' Episode 5 review: 'World on Fire' -- enemy of my enemy

He's only shown up in two of the first five episodes, and yet Wilson Fisk is operating on a level far beyond the rest of the cast of "Daredevil."

We've already seen "Wilson Fisk: Romantic" and "Wilson Fisk: Master of Car Door-Related Homicide" but now, in "World On Fire," we bring you Wilson Fisk - master manipulator.

With a few false moves (some of which he makes during a successful dinner date), Fisk manages to send the entire Russian mob on the hunt for our hero, and then twists another knife to get them all in one place, nearly eliminating all his enemies from the chessboard with a single suicide bombing. 

That is a...