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Ziad Doueiri
Ziad Doueiri's film 'The Attack' encounters opposition
Ziad Doueiri's film 'The Attack' encounters opposition

Filmmaker Ziad Doueiri wanted "The Attack" to start a conversation. But that assumed people could see his Middle Eastern terrorism tale. "We knew when we were writing the script that the film was certainly going to provoke debate, but we didn't write it just to provoke debate," said Doueiri, whose film is loosely adapted from Yasmina Khadra's novel of the same name. "I thought art was the one way we could all communicate. I guess I was naive." By shooting part of the movie in and around Tel Aviv, the director was told he violated a decades-old rule prohibiting citizens of Lebanon, where Doueiri was born, from working in Israel. PHOTOS: Summer...